Nick’s TV Interview on FOX News, talking Uganda and Pakistan (click on Fox graphic)

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Pakistani Christians mourn 85 killed in suicide bombings at Peshawar church


Relatives mourn bombing victims, Peshawar, Pakistan 23/9/13Not my usual “apolitical” post but had to make an exception. In 2006 I was living and working in Lahore, Pakistan. While staying at the Sheraton Hotel (popular with expats) one morning, the cleaning lady came in and saw a christian bible (NIV ver) on my bedside table. Her eyes lit up like a Christmas Tree as she pointed first to the bible then to me as if to say: “this is yours?”. I nodded yes and she broke out in fractured but understandable English telling me that Christians in Pakistan were treated like 2nd class citizens and relegated to the lowest caste, i.e the Arzai or degraded ones and allowed only menial tasks for employment. She took my hand in both of hers and told me earnestly that “we Christians have to stick together, anything extra I needed for my room to just let her know”. I was awe-struck by the realization that I was among a minority and considered a “degraded one”. This opened my eyes about minorities in America, how far we’ve come and how far we have to go. This bombing validates my point, a tragedy reminiscent of the US rural South in the 50′s and 60′

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Women are more apt to be the entrepreneurs and “go-getters” in Africa than men, watch this very brief video.


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Nick Hahn discusses Association Building in Azeri TV interview

Hahn International, Ltd is currently on assignment in Azerbaijan. Nick Hahn, President and CEO, is guiding the development of agricultural trade Associations in three basic commodities: Aquaculture, Hazelnuts, and Pomegranates.

Nick discussed this work and the reasons why Associations make sense for Azerbaijan in a recent television interview. The program was broadcast from Sheki, Azerbaijan, which is the ancient capital of the Country, situated in their central farming region.

Since some of this video is in the local Azeri language, it is recommended that you fast forward through the first five and a half minutes (5:28) to hear Nick’s interview. He was asked a series of pointed questions about the suitability of Associations for this developing Country of the former Soviet Union.

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Hahn Management on assignment in Azerbaijan

Hahn Management Ltd is currently providing consulting services in the former Soviet Republic of Azerbaijan. We have been retained by Sibley International LLC to work with the agribusiness sector of this developing nation.

This project involves entrepreneurial capacity building for rural farmers. Our concentration is in the provinces west of the capital city of Baku. The agribusinesses that are the focus of this project are Hazelnuts, Aquaculture, and Pomegranates.

Sibley International has retained the services of founding partner, Nick Hahn. He is currently living and working in Azerbaijan in four-to-six week increments over a period of several months.

Mr. Hahn has spent many years managing trade associations, including Cotton Incorporated (CI) in New York, of which he was CEO. His experience with CI and numerous groups throughout the developing world for more than two decades make Hahn International Ltd an ideal mentor and advisor for these commodity groups.

Quality control, business planning, and competitiveness will be managed through the individual developing trade associations in each sector, helping to make them productive, independent, and self-sustaining.

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