Nick Hahn Honored!

The Cotton Research and Promotion Program was established in 1966 to expand the demand for upland cotton and to increase profitability for both cotton growers and importers of cotton products.

J. Nicholas “Nick” Hahn held several positions at Cotton Incorporated and has the distinction of leading the company twice; as both the second and fourth President and CEO. Hahn built on the marketing legacy of Dukes Wooters, the first President of Cotton Incorporated, and elevated the Company’s marketing efforts to new levels of sophistication.

The 2016 honorees of the Cotton Research and Promotion Program Hall of Fame were chosen from nominations made by Certified Producer and Importer Organizations and voted upon by the Chairman’s Committee of the Cotton Incorporated Board of Directors


The Cotton Research and Promotion Program Hall of Fame will annually recognize U.S. cotton industry leaders that have made significant contributions to the Program or to the cotton industry in general.


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