PRINCE CHARLES and NICK HAHN endorse The Campaign for Wool

             Spinning Yarn and Supporting Farmers – Thank you, Prince Charles!

For those of you who remember their first time at a spinning wheel, perhaps you can appreciate Prince Charles’s grin of combined anguish and delight. One minute the fiber is magically twisting between his fingers, and the next it’s snapped off the whorl and he’s left holding a few wisps of wool. If at first you don’t succeed, keep on treadling!

In the next issue of Wild Fibers we are going to do more than treadle, we are going into a full-speed gallop with The Campaign for Wool, an enormous initiative spearheaded by Prince Charles to reignite the importance of wool (and other natural fibers) throughout the world. I have just returned from the International Wool Congress in New York, and decided Wild Fibers needs to be part of this global phenomenon in a strong and meaningful way. Thus, I am creating a special section in the magazine to recognize not only The Campaign For Wool, but fiber farmers throughout the world.

campaign for woolIf there is a flock of sheep in your backyard, perhaps a herd of alpacas, or llamas, or even goats scoping out the back forty, I urge you to be part of this rare opportunity. Nick Hahn, one of the presenters at the International Wool Congress and long time champion of the fiber industry (remember: “Cotton, The Fabric of our Lives”) described Wild Fibers as ” The leading publication for exotic textile fibers. Its globe trotting peripatetic publisher and editor, Linda Cortright, searches out rare and exotic fiber animals in the most remote locations on earth and writes about them. She has created a priceless chapter in the fiber world that should be applauded and supported by all.”

I do not take Nick’s words as faint praise. He has spent years working with farmers in third-world countries on supply-chain competitiveness. He has addressed the textile sub-sector of the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland and he believes that the world of fiber benefits from a common platform.

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I believe most of my readers understand that both my heart, and my editorial mission, is dedicated to promoting fiber farmers throughout the world. How nice that both Prince Charles and Mr. Hahn seem to agree.

If you are in the business of fiber farming, or, if you are connected to the business of wool with its myriad of products and accoutrements, from skeins to socks, I encourage you to promote your product in this next issue for $99. But you need to contact me now, the deadline clock is ticking.

Thank you,

Linda Cortright

Editor and Publisher


Nick Hahn to speak at Business Lecture Series

Lincoln Educational Services has announced a series of business lectures to provide educational opportunities and assistance for local small companies.  Beginning on April 4th at 6:00 PM, Nick Hahn of Hahn International Ltd will be the first presenter in this timely series as he shares his knowledge to help small entities market themselves in the rapidly changing world of Social Media.  The lecture is free and open to the public.

For Immediate Media Release

Lincoln College of New England initiates business lecture series.

Lincoln College of New England initiates lecture series to benefit local businesses.

West Orange, New Jersey, March 20, 2012 – Lincoln College of New England (LCNE) begins a lecture series at their Southington campus on Wednesday, April 4th from 6:00 – 7:00pm.

“Small business marketing on social media,” the first in a series of lectures on business topics, will be presented by Mr. Nick Hahn at Lincoln College of New England’s Southington campus. During the LCNE lecture, Mr. Hahn will speak about the most current opportunities for small business marketing using social media.

Mr. Hahn is currently President & CEO at Hahn International, Ltd. He has decades of experience as a motivational keynote speaker; an executive for non-profit organizations; and in the fields of global apparel marketing. Mr. Hahn co-founded Cotton Incorporated, a leading non-profit trade association created to enhance the competitiveness of US cotton farmers. Mr. Hahn has lectured at many institutions including the Cornell University Johnson Management School, the University of Maryland Frank Purdue School of Business and at The World Economic Forum-Governors Conference, Davos, Switzerland. Among other organizations, Nick Hahn is a member of the World Economic Forum-Geneva, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art-Business Council-NYC. He recently participated in a globally connected panel discussion during Social Media Week in NY entitled: “Email & Social Media: The New Rules Of Engagement.”

The lecture is free and open to the public. Kathryn Regjo, President of Lincoln College of New England, states that, “we are excited about Mr. Hahn’s presence on campus as we strive to partner with, promote, and provide educational opportunities and services for small businesses within the surrounding community.”

Lincoln College of New England has campuses in Southington, Suffield and Hartford, CT featuring two and four year degree programs. Lincoln College of New England is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Inc. (NEASC) through its Commission on Institutions of Higher Education, and is also accredited by the State of Connecticut Board of Governors for Higher Education.

About Lincoln Educational Services Corporation

Lincoln Educational Services Corporation is a leading and diversified for profit provider of career-oriented post-secondary education. Lincoln offers recent high school graduates and working adults degree and diploma programs in five principal areas of study: automotive technology, health sciences, skilled trades, business and information technology and hospitality services. Lincoln has provided the workforce with skilled technicians for over 65 years.

Lincoln Educational Services Corporation, through its subsidiaries, operates Lincoln Technical Institute, Lincoln College of Technology, Nashville Auto-Diesel College, Euphoria Institute of Beauty Arts and Sciences, and Lincoln College of New England. Lincoln also operates divisions within some of these institutions under the name of Lincoln Culinary Institute. Lincoln has a broad geographic reach of 45 campuses in 17 states. Programs vary by campus.


Hahn International, Ltd

East Haddam, Connecticut USA

February 28, 2012

Julie Mae Campbell, owner and manager of Fleece Station, an Alpaca ranch and breeding company based in Southern CA (, has announced an exciting sales and marketing program based on enhanced fiber characteristics carefully bred and selected for superior yarn performance demanded by commercial textile producers on all levels of the value chain.

Alpaca Fiber is known for being soft, warm and lightweight.  It has a luxurious look and feel preferred by discerning retailers of luxury products, as well as manufactures of industrial insulation, batting and other high performance end uses.

Julie Mae Campbell is a dedicated Alpaca breeder and farmer moving sequentially to advance the fiber side of the American Alpaca Industry through selective breeding combined with careful sorting and grading practices.  With the founding of Campbell Fiber Sales (CFS), Ms. Campbell is extending her reach into fiber collection, sorting, grading, baling and logistics.

CFS is facilitating price discovery through a sealed bid auction program with Roswell Wool in New Mexico (  They are the largest and best known wool auction house in the United States, now working exclusively with CFS on Alpaca.
Ms. Campbell stated: “We are confident in the success of the American Alpaca Industry.  Alpaca fleece has long been recognized by the apparel industry worldwide for its unique and desirable qualities.  Alpaca’s potential for generating income as a wool bearing animal and a viable livestock enterprise has been recognized in the United States since the early 1800’s.  The announcement of this program furthers these goals. The retention of Hahn International, Ltd ( and Nick Hahn as our project manager will help us expand our reach and establish American Alpaca as the fiber of choice for quality textile products worldwide.”

Nick Hahn stated: “My years of experience in branding, marketing and positioning natural fibers including cotton, wool, silk and alpaca will be invested in this program both domestically and internationally.  I’ve known and worked with Julie Mae Campbell for some time and have come to respect and admire her dedication combined with an uncommon business acumen.  This will be a productive collaboration as we introduce the fiber to my network of senior textile executives worldwide.”

For further information please contact:
Nick Hahn
P: 203-570-3666



January 12, 2012


Chair Lee Liggett, on behalf of the Board of Directors and CEO Nick Hahn have jointly announced the successful completion of Phase One of the Company’s business strategy targeting increased awareness for NA Alpaca Fiber on the commercial textile, designer, retail and consumer levels.

This Phase of Company activity included the retention of Nick Hahn as CEO, creation of a legal entity, the organization’s Operating Agreement, investor subscriptions, positive trade and consumer publicity, branding (registered logo & tag-line), a dynamic presence on social media, a fashion website and fiber exhibit in connection with a leading international textile trade event, ITMA 2011.  In addition to events such as ITMA,

Mr. Hahn has spent the last several months speaking at industry events and consulting with alpaca breeders and associations on how to move forward into the next phase of the Company’s goals.

This first Phase generated quantifiable results for NA Fiber as follows:

  • 700 inquiries of interest in fiber and yarn from commercial textile mills worldwide.
  • 2000 catalogs highlighting US Alpaca farms and fiber distributed globally.
  • 1200 active followers on Facebook
  • 30+ positive stories in domestic and international trade & consumer media.
  • 1200+ daily visits (on average) to company website
  • Execution of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with North Carolina State University~College of Textiles for establishment of an Alpaca R&D Center

Liggett announced: “we have spent this first year wrestling with the issues establishing the legal entity, generating phase one funding, building brand awareness and educating commercial textile companies and down stream product manufacturers and retailers on the performance characteristics of our fiber, it is now time to turn our attention to the fiber supply chain and build a commercially viable infrastructure from farm to  market through our phase two initiatives”

Hahn added: “I’m a firm believer that supply follows demand. We have introduced NA Alpaca Fiber to domestic and international markets through creative branding and marketing, the industry now requires a commercially viable infrastructure to collect, sort, grade, bale and ship in a format acceptable to commercial textile companies”.  Hahn has informed the Board of Directors that he is transitioning from his position as CEO early in the New Year and returning to his role as an independent advisor to the international textile industry with a focus on domestic Alpaca organizations, private farms and related businesses.

Nick Hahn’s long established consulting firm, HAHN INTERNATIONAL, LTD. advises on natural fiber sales and marketing, branding, social media and press relations. Historically, the firm has worked extensively with non-profit and 501(c)(3) trade organizations including USDA sponsored commodity assessment programs and USAID funded projects in third world economies.

Hahn concluded: “I have served the alpaca industry in my capacity as CEO for fourteen months and am gratified with the level of market awareness and demand that has been created. As AU moves forward with their phase two initiative and begins to match demand with supply we’ll see a coalescing of interests driving a strong and profitable North American fiber business in the years to come”

An updated management and planning program will be announced by the Company in coming weeks.  For further information contact:

Nick Hahn:

p: 203-570-3666              

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